Pool Main Drains

Main Drains are located in the bottom of the swimming pool, usually at the lowest point, typically at the deep end; they are used for bottom suction.  The main drain is the exit point for debris, dirt and water that is not picked up by your automatic pool cleaner.  Water exits your pool through the main drain, your pool pump does its job and moves the water through the pool filter, where it is cleaned and sanitized before it returns to your pool. The main drain has an extremely powerful suction that can entrap hair, body parts or clothing. For this reason, main drains should always be covered by an Anti-Vortex or Anti-Hair Snare cover to prevent disembowelment, bodily entrapment and possible drowning.

Let us help you keep your family safe, if you have questions or concerns about your pools main drain give us a call.  Drain entrapment deaths occur when a drain cover was not correctly installed; missing, damaged or a flat grate was used for a drain cover Aquatic Innovations Inc. is licensed to inspect, repair and sign off on state and local health department forms, without the need to drain your pool. Most of the newer pools should have approved drain cover, December 17, 2007, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was signed into law. See our learning center for more information.