Our Residential Pool Service

Aquatic Innovations Inc. provides reliable pool maintenance and spa maintenance with three different service plans, to align with your needs.  Keeping a pool clean and clear requires routine regular chemical treatments and cleaning, life keeps everyone busy, and we know your time is valuable. Owning a swimming pool should not require so much work, enjoy your time having fun in your swimming pool, not maintaining it. Give us a call, let our knowledgeable pool technicians, certified in chemical balancing and pool equipment maintenance help protect your investment.

Keeping pool chemicals in balance is a lot trickier than most pool owners would think. Water chemistry is delicate and in order to reach perfect harmony, it must be balanced correctly at all times. If your pool water is cloudy or discolored, don’t be embarrassed to reach out, our pool techs are knowledgeable in pool water chemistry. The environment constant changes can cause issues with the elements entering your pool water through: changing seasons, vegetation in your yard or surrounding yards, family members both human and pets, can cause water balance to fluctuate. When pH is high, your water is known to be basic (drying out your eyes) and when it is low, it means your water is acidic (sting or burn your eyes).

Alkalinity is your pH buffer; it keeps the pH in your pool water from drastically moving up and down, it accomplishes this by absorbing major changes to the water, introduced by the surrounding environment. The third item is Calcium hardness, these component levels need to stay in balance or your pool water will seek another method of obtaining it. If your Calcium hardness is low, your pool water looks in other places to obtain it, such as by taking it from your pool’s plaster and anywhere else it can get it. Maintaining the proper calcium hardness can protect your swimming pool plaster (walls, steps etc…) and your pool equipment, saving you money on unpredictable repairs.

Basic Service
Premium Service
  • Test & Balance your water Chemistry
  • Basic Chemicals (Chlorine, Muriatic Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Empty Skimmer Baskets
  • Empty Automatic Cleaner Bag
  • Empty Pump Basket
  • Notify Customer of any issues or concerns
  • Test & Balance your water Chemistry
  • Basic Chemicals (Chlorine, Muriatic Acid, Soda Ash, Sodium Bicarbonate)
  • Empty Baskets (Skimmer Basket & Pump Basket ) Also Empty Automatic Cleaner Bag
  • Skim & Net Pool surface, as needed
  • O-rings checked and lubricated as needed
  • Hand brush pool tile line, swim outs, Caribbean shelf, and steps
  • Clean filters twice a year as needed
  • Inspect all pool equipment weekly
  • Notify Customer of any issues or concerns
Pool Inspections
We Do Pool Inspections...

We Do Pool Inspections…

Living the dream of buying a new home with a swimming pool, before finalizing the sale call us, we are a licensed contractor and specializes in pool inspections. An inspection can save you headaches and costly expenses down the road. Your new pool should be safe and ready for your family to enjoy.

  • First appearances can fool you, what kind of shape is the pool really in?
  • The pools plaster, how does it feel and are there any holes or week areas?
  • The pools tile in, are there any loose or damaged tiles?
  • Is the Pool Equipment in good working order?
  • Does the pool and equipment meet the California pool safety standards?
  • Is all of the equipment sized correctly based of the water capacity and according to the pool hydraulics?

We provide you with the information you will need to make an informed decision and if needed discuss any repairs that may be needed with you and your Realtor.  Once you move in, We will be happy to return and review pool basics and your pool equipment, show you how to get the most out of your pool.

Advanced Pool Cleaning

Green Pool CleaningFolsom Pool Service Pros offers additional pool cleaning services outside of our weekly pool service. There are several factors that can cause a clean pool to change quickly, it is important to know why your pool water is not clear and have it taken care of if possible before the water is cleaned.

  • Swimming Pool Recovery
  • Green Pool Clean up
  • Yellow Algae Treatment
  • Black Algae Treatment
  • Mustard Algae
  • One-Time Pool Cleaning
  • Additional Filter Cleaning
  • Pool Equipment Annual Inspections
  • Leak Detection
  • No Drain Acid Wash – without draining your pool
  • 27 Hour Emergency clean-ups & Disaster